Mighty Pinatubo Pup Tent 15

Cooties of the pacific - degree of the VFW

Seamy Speaks

Cooties & Comrades!!

Listen up Cooties, I am humbled to have the honor to serve as the Seam Squirrel for our beloved Mighty Pinatubo Pup Tent 15. I pledge to work diligently to support all of the programs of the MOC and MOCA with your help.

As a team, we will move our beloved order to great heights in the coming Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020. I am a Team Player, There is no “I” in TEAM. I invite everyone to join the “WE TEAM”. The WE TEAM is the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Military Order of the Cootie.

If there is a job to do, WE WILL GET AROUND TO IT and have fun doing it! One job that needs to be done is to improve our Public Relations with our VFW Comrades.

We will keep open all lines of communication. This is a “must” in order to work together for our Veterans in order to continue to “Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White.”

Yours in L.O.T.C.S.,

Linus Mudd Man Travers

Seam Squirrel Pup Tent 15
Grand of Pacific



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