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SPACE AVAILABLE (Space A) Clark Update:

Greeting’s From Clark AMC Terminal. This is the latest update as of today 13 Aug 2019 on the Space-A travel program for travel from Clark Air Base:

Myself and the new Commander of 733 AMS Lt Col Joshua Ehmen out of Kadena and his leadership team, met with the new JUSMAG Senior Defense Official (SDO) Col Ma on 26 Jul in regards to the base access for space-a. Unfortunately, the program will continue to be suspended until other priority issues can be addressed and Col Ma receives additional background information from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and a way ahead for future operations of the Space-A program as well as other items of importance at Clark.

Additionally, Clark Air Base’s footprint will diminish over the next few years with the expansion of Clark International Airport. We are not sure what the future holds for maintaining operations here or if we will be relocated at some point with the Philippine Air Force to another part of Clark Freeport Zone or potentially another base. Once we have info, we will be sure to pass that on through these channels.

Just for some background information on our primary purpose here at Clark. As the DoD/AMC representatives here, our operations do not only consist of space-a movement. Space-A travel equates to roughly 5% of our operations here at most. The other 95% of our operations consist of being Technical Advisor’s to the local U.S. Embassy/Consulate, Joint United States Military Assistance Group, Defense Attache Office, Pacific Command and its components, U.S. Army Pacific and many other agencies throughout the Pacific. We provide ground handling services to all military aircraft, crews, personnel as well as coordinate for special missions and requirements and the list goes on. Clark is one of the two primary entry/exit points for the Philippines. Manila is the other. Therefore, all U.S. Military aircraft arriving/departing from the Philippines transits through Clark/Manila in order clear customs and immigrations before moving on to other locations within the PI. We are also primary fuel stop and crew rest location for missions transiting to other South East/West Asia destinations supporting multiple operations around the globe. On average we handle 100+ aircraft per month, more than 600 passengers and about 100 tons of cargo. So Clark’s strategic location is paramount in supporting all branches of the military and their mission success.

Until an agreement can be made to reinstate the program, you can still fly into Clark space-a from any other location that supports Space-A travel. You just can’t fly out of Clark Space-A. As an alternative option, personnel are able to purchase low cost commercial tickets <$100 from Clark International to Singapore and then catch space-A out of there to other destinations in the pacific.

We will continue to address the Space-A program with JUSMAG and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Have a great day!


Brian T. Bultez, GS-11
Air Operations Station Chief
733 AMS/OL-A
Clark Air Base, Philippines